Limited Warranty Policy

The purchase of products is subject to manufacturer restrictions. Many of the products offered are subject to a manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty provided by the manufacturer should be consulted first in the event of any difficulties that may accompany your purchase. To obtain information regarding manufacturer’s warranties and return policies, to the extent you cannot locate it, please email us at 

To the extent a product sold by Joy Systems is warrantied under the original manufacturer’s standard warranty, Joy Systems shall pass such warranty on to you. If a warranty is non-transferable or no manufacturer’s warranty is available, Joy Systems will provide a limited 90-Day Warranty with Technical Support to the original end-user, starting on the original date of purchase, unless specified otherwise in your warranty paperwork accompanying your product. The batteries are only covered for 90 days regardless of warranty length.

The Joy Systems Warranty will cover all costs related to parts, labor, and shipping that are associated with the in-house repair of defective hardware. Physical damage will not be covered under warranty if not reported within 7 days of delivery. Accidental damage caused by you is not covered and will void the warranty unless a separate Extended Warranty with Accidental Damage Coverage was purchased. 


Please contact Joy Systems if you cannot locate your warranty paperwork by filling out the form on our website or emailing us at and one of our technicians will contact you within 1-2 business days. Joy Systems will not provide reimbursements for unauthorized third-party repairs. To the extent you wish to receive a replacement part from Joy Systems and install the replacement part yourself, as opposed to having Joy Systems perform a repair/replacement, any damage caused by such installation invalidates any warranty otherwise available from Joy System. 

The Joy Systems warranty is NOT TRANSFERABLE. Any parts or upgrades installed by the customer which were not included with the computer at the time of purchase must be removed prior to returning the computer to Joy Systems. If any such unauthorized third-party parts are returned with a computer for warranty service, Joy Systems will not be responsible for replacing or repairing these parts if they are lost, damaged, or defective. 

Joy Systems is not responsible for any user data on a computer being returned for warranty service. In the event that the user’s data is lost, Joy Systems will not be liable. It is the responsibility of the user to make regular backups of important data.

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